Lehagen Partnerships with IDS, a group company of Assa Abloy

It’s great to hear that Lehagen has formed a partnership with IDS, one of Africa’s leading Security system brands. This collaboration could have numerous benefits for both companies and their customers. IDS, being a part of the Assa Abloy group and division of Yale, brings a strong reputation and expertise in the security industry. Yale, being a well-known global brand for security solutions, adds a significant level of credibility to this partnership.

Lehagen, as a Master Distributor of Security & Smart Home systems, including brands like Vitrea, AJAX, and Anyware, can leverage this partnership to expand their product portfolio and offer a wider range of security solutions to their customers. This collaboration might also lead to improved research and development efforts, resulting in more advanced and innovative security products and smart home integration.

Customers could benefit from a more comprehensive range of security solutions that cater to various needs, from basic home security to advanced smart home integration. The combined expertise of both companies might also result in improved customer support and service, ensuring that clients receive the best possible solutions and assistance.

It’s important to stay updated on the specific products and services that will result from this partnership, as well as any potential changes in the industry landscape. This collaboration could have a positive impact on the security and smart home market in India, offering customers more choices and higher-quality solutions.

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