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MotionProtect Outdoor

Wireless outdoor motion detector with an advanced anti-masking system and pet-immunity

The first line of defence for home and business

Two-step algorithm for false alarm prevention

A street is always in action: the wind sways leaves and bushes warmed by the sun, animals and birds move around, various insects land on the body of the detector. This diversity of flora and fauna creates a constant barrage of noise that makes it hard for outdoor motion detectors to spot the real threat, humans. We’ve solved this problem both on software and hardware levels by implementing two PIR sensors and developing a unique two-step algorithm for signal analysis, LISA.

Correlation analysis

Whenever MotionProtect Outdoor detects motion, LISA analyses and compares signal forms from two sensors in real-time. If forms are similar, the alarm is raised.

Intelligent anti-masking system

An outdoor detector is an easy target. During the day when the system is disarmed, intruders may damage the sensors or block their view to gain an advantage in trespassing at night. To prevent the cases of sabotage, we’ve equipped MotionProtect Outdoor with a tamper button and an advanced anti-masking system that can remain active 24/7.

The anti-masking system in MotionProtect Outdoor calibrates automatically by analyzing the surrounding area when mounting the device onto SmartBracket. Then, if an obstacle appears in the field of view of anti-masking sensors or if they are painted, the detector quickly notices sabotage and raises the alarm. Moreover, a sensitive tamper is immediately activated if someone attempts to dismount the detector from SmartBracket.

2 seconds

Detection of an obstacle in front of two lens

2.5 minutes

Detection of an obstacle in front of one lens

2.5 minutes

Detection of taping or painting of one lens

2.5 minutes

Detection of taping or painting of both lenses


Guaranteed alarm delivery

We have developed the Jeweller radio protocol to ensure the uninterrupted operation of all devices within the security system. The Jeweller provides two-way communication between the hub and MotionProtect Outdoor at a distance of up to 1,700 meters and delivers alarms in less than 0.15 seconds. The radio protocol uses time frames to synchronize communication of connected devices, authentication to eliminate forgery, and encryption to protect against data leaks. Moreover, Jeweller is energy efficient and allows detectors to operate for years from pre-installed batteries.

Two-way communication at a
distance of up to

1,700 meters

Alarms delivered in

0.15 seconds

Adjustable ping interval from

12 seconds

Ready for heat and cold

Ajax security systems protect users in all climate zones, from South Africa to Greenland. Heat or cold, snow or rain—MotionProtect Outdoor is ready to operate in any weather. The outdoor detector works up to 5 years from pre-installed batteries. Moreover, to increase autonomy and simplify maintenance in extreme conditions, we have provisioned the option of using external power.

Resists the heat up to +60°С

Withstands the cold up to −25°С

Adjustable ping interval from

Up to 5 years of battery life

Protection of masking sensors

Detectors can be installed without Hood when mounted under the cover

Detectors can be installed with Hood to protect the anti-masking system from rain and snow

Always in touch

Hub 2 central panel uses Ethernet or one of the 2 SIM cards to guarantee the delivery of the alarms and photos from the secured objects. The channels work in parallel and back each other up in case of emergency.

Compression and transmission protocols guarantee lightning-fast delivery of the photo series even with weak Internet connectivity. Unlike with the video camera streams, with Ajax, you can evaluate the situation on the secured objects at the 0.5 kB/s Internet speed.

Uses 3 independent communication channels

Delivers alarms in 0.15 seconds

Transmits photo confirmations even on 2G

Trouble resistant

With Hub 2, you’ll know immediately if the detector has a malfunction, if someone removed it, if it is damaged, or if its body is open. Even if the lights suddenly go out, the control panel will continue its watch powered by a back-up battery.

Checks the functionality of detectors at least every 12 seconds

Alerts about threats, channel interference, or malfunctions

Operates for up to 16 hours during a blackout

Evolves with every software update

Hub 2 runs on OS Malevich, a real-time operating system. This type of software is used in the systems that can’t afford mistakes—for instance, spaceships and ballistic rocket launchers, or car brakes.

OS Malevich is immune to viruses and protected from cyber attacks. Its architecture allows us to regularly expand the Ajax possibilities over the air without bothering the users.

Protected from cyber-attacks

Increased functionality with each system update

Automatically updates over the air

Unique communication technologies



Hub 2 central panel communicates with the security system devices using radio frequencies on a distance of up to 2000 m.

Two-way Jeweller radio protocol encrypts all of transmitted data. And in cases of interference or jamming, Ajax switches the frequency and notifies you as well as the alarm response company.

Coverage area up to 2000 m

Two-way radio communication

Encryption with a modified AES algorithm

Frequency hopping



For parallel visual data transmission from MotionCams, Hub 2 uses Ajax Wings radio protocol. It is a high-speed protocol based on Jeweller technology. Wings received its best features. It also uses a dedicated antenna to improve channel reliability.

Wings guarantees the delivery of photo confirmations even if the signal level is unstable. It uses the built-in algorithms of package checking and re-uploading.

Transmission of the animated image series

Communication via additional antenna

Guaranteed data delivery

Safe home and office automation

Boost the potential of your security system with scenarios to actively resist the threats it detects and automate your routines. Set up a Night mode activation on schedule; turn off all the office lights automatically by arming the system; program the outdoor lights to spotlight trespassers when they trigger an outdoor motion detector; or install a sustainable anti-flood system. The system continues to execute scenarios even if the connection with Ajax Cloud is lost.

Reactions to threats

Planned actions

Reactions to security mode change

Seamless setup

It takes minutes to install Hub 2. Connect it to the Internet and plug the power cord. Then scan the QR code using Ajax app. In most cases, your devices won’t require any additional tuning. Hub 2 begins to operate once online.

Tech specs


Electro-optical radio channel security detector

Type of detector


Installation method



Only white

Recommended installation height

0.8 — 1.3 m


Operates with all Ajax hubs, and range extenders

Sensing element

Two PIR sensors

Alarm signal delivery time

0.15 seconds

Motion detection distance

Adjustable, up to 3–15 m

Detection angle

Horizontal — 90°

Time for motion detection

From 0.3 to 2 m/s


Adjustable, 3 levels

Pet immunity

Weight — not relevant
Height — up to 80 cm


Protection against forgery
Jamming detection

Power supply

Battery: 2 × CR123A batteries, 3 V, pre-installed
Optional mains supply: 5–28 V DC

Battery life

Up to 5 years

Jeweller radio technology

Communication range with the central unit — up to 1,700 m in an open space
Two-way communication between devices
Operating frequencies — 866.0 – 866.6 MHz
Self-adjusting RF output power — up to 20 mW
Block encryption based on AES algorithm
Detector polling period — 12—300 s

Temperature sensor


Operating temperature range

From -25°С to +60°С

Permissible humidity

Up to 95%

Protection class


Remote set up and testing



183 × 70 × 65 mm


322 g


Replacement and repair within 24 months of the date of sale. Batteries are not covered under warranty.

Complete set

MotionProtect Outdoor motion detector
SmartBracket mounting panel
Two CR123A batteries (pre-installed)
Installation kit
User’s guide