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With the time of a simple courteous handshake, we make it more facile and more expeditious for an existing organisation or an new organisation to work with us. From the customer registration form to project accomplishment followed with after-sales service support, we make the process facile and expeditious.

Customer Registration

Customers can become affiliated partners with us by filling out the form, which is then reviewed by our staff for approval.​

Product Selection

Access our product pages and pick the goods you desire to work on the market, then contact us with your expectations.​

Product Training

Our Product Management team will help you win sales by providing you with in-depth understanding of the goods, industry, and sales presentation.​

Pre-Sales Work

Our team assists in the creation of a bill of quantity based on the design and project specifications, providing a way for our partners to be efficient by valuing their time.


Will educate partners on-site or in virtual platform to install, integrate, and program the system.

Service Assistance

​Providing effective pre-sales, sales, and post-sales service assistance to our customers and partners.